Motor Driven Diaphragm Pumps

Case Studies

A cost-effective solution for increased plant efficiency.

The Capital of Montana, Helena, is currently home to two potable water treatment plants that serve roughly 35,000 residents, the Ten Mile Water Treatment Plant, and the Missouri River Treatment Plant.(..more)

Getting a Hold on pH and Chlorine Level Control

The city of Lynnwood, WA had a new, multiple featured swimming complex for their citizens to enjoy. Though the features enjoyed by users of the pool exceeded expectations, the pool maintenance crew was having issues keeping the pool at required chlorine levels. (..more)

Clearing the Air

Two medium pressure UV systems, each combined with a control system providing automatic setpoint control based on realtime pool water chemistry, have solved air quality issues for Indiana’s Fishers High School Pool. (..more)

Achieving Safety and Performance Gains Using Engineered Chemical Feed Skids

Many public water utilities are rethinking the way chemical feed systems are designed and built. (...more)

Plant Boosts Polymer Performance With 3-stage Mixing Regimen

Reduced polymer consumption and less maintenance from ProMix Polymer feed system have proven to be a cost-effective solution. (...more)

Switch to 3-Stage Mixing Regimen Slashes Polymer Usage

Effectively mixing polymer to a homogeneous and fully activated solution reduces polymer consumption at California treatment plant by 23%(...more)

ProMix-S Polymer System Solves Feed Problems at Basin Electric

The Basin Electric Power Cooperative's Laramie River Station (LRS) has its own water plant that utilizes six (6) primary basin clarifiers. Each basin has a recirculation rate of 3,000 to 4,000 gallons per minute and each clarifier is chemically treated with lime for partial lime softening. Sodium Aluminate and an Anionic Flocculent are used to create floc that settles to the bottom of each basin, creating a "blanket". (...more)

Enhancing an Indoor Pool Environment with DCM controller

By switching to automated water chemistry control based on real-time chlorine levels (ppm), Emler Swim School found an effective solution to a recurring problem. (...more)

In-Line Polymer Preparation & Feed Boosts Dewatering Performance at Greeley, CO. WWTP

Switching from conventional batch mixing to in-line polymer preparation and feed has helped reduce annual polymer expenditures at the Greeley, CO., WWTP by approximately $12,000 per year. (...more)

Multi-Screw Volumetric Feeder Simplifies Lime Feed at Johnstown, PA Riverside Water Treatment Plant

Retrofitting a robust, low-wear volumetric feeder has provided Johnstown, PA's Riverside Water Treatment Plant with improved performance and trouble-free lime feed. (...more)

Better Polymer Preparation & Feed Brings Improved Efficiency & Safety at Coal Power Plant

A fully automated dosing and blending system provides reliable, performance-based polymer make-up for critical coal combustible byproduct disposal. (...more)

Treatment Plant Saves $120,000 Annually Using New Polymer Preparation & Feed System

The Foxwoods WWTP has slashed annual polymer costs by approximately two-thirds by switching to an in-line polymer preparation and feed system featuring an optimized mechanical design. (...more)