ProMinent technology in energy generation

Global energy requirements are continuously growing, while fossil-based natural resources are becoming ever scarcer. The requirement for increasing efficiency during energy generation is derived directly from this. (...more)

Applications in Energy Generation

Waste water treatment in energy generation

Waste water treatment is a complex procedure required to protect valuable water resources and to avoid environmental pollution. Process water and waste water treatment is necessary in order to reliably maintain statutory limits for discharging into bodies of water. (...more)

Boiler feed water treatment in energy generation

Depending on the method used, water is heated in various ways and converted into steam within the core process of a power plant. Corrosion processes are significantly accelerated under these predominant conditions, meaning the corrosion protection is of fundamental importance. (...more)

Cooling water treatment in energy generation

In power plants, the output sides of the turbines are cooled in order to create a pressure and temperature gradient. In order to ensure trouble free operation, the cooling water for the cooling water circuit is filtered beforehand, softened, or the salt content is completely removed. (...more)

Flue gas cleaning in energy generation

Flue gas cleaning serves to remove pollutants from the air before they can enter the atmosphere. They are used primarily in power plants and refuse incineration plants - providing for fresh air and a clean environment. (...more)