Water Treatment in Zoos

Healthy living spaces in zoos, for fish and other water animals require reliable and modern water treatment system for both salt and fresh water.

ProMinent Ozone-Systems OZONFILT® and Bono Zon®, DULCOMETER® measuring and control technology, DULCOTEST® sensors and DULCODES UV-Systems, are the basis for filter- and disinfection systems for water treatment in zoos.


  • High efficiency in spite of low chemical concentrations
  • Crystal clear water due to micro flocculating effect of ozone
  • Lower risk of animal sicknesses due to chemical-free UV-Disinfection
  • Healthy animals
  • Thrilled visitors

In most cases disinfection by means of ozone is an additional treatment step in addition to conventional technologies (segregation, sand- and activated carbon filtration). We can also supply the booster pumps, as well as the measuring, sensor, and control technology: ProMinent can provide all of your needs in one location.

UV-irradiation provides the highest safety against infections of sensitive animals as well as prevention of algae in pools and processed aquarium water.

For some applications, components of the water treatment system have to be manufactured from special plastics to prevent the sensitive organs of the animals from being damaged.

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