Product Warranty

7. Warranty Limitation. The warranty and remedies for breach of warranty provided for in these General Conditions extend only to the original end-user’s production use of Products and do not cover, and Seller shall not be liable for, (i) Third-party products provided/specified by Purchaser, and any other third-party products expressly identified as such, are specifically excluded from Seller’s warranty set forth herein. Seller’s sole and exclusive warranty liability, responsibility and obligation with respect to such third-party product is to use all commercially reasonable efforts to pass through to Purchaser any applicable warranties provided by the sellers of such third-party products, if any, (ii) Products returned contaminated by chemicals or other substance, (iii) abnormal wear and tear or damage caused by installation, maintenance, or use which is improper or contrary to the instructions published by Seller, (iv) storage of Products in a wet or damp area or unprotected from weather and other job conditions, (v) any cause beyond the control of Seller, including without limitation conditions caused by movement, settlement or structural defects of the environment in which the Products are installed, fire, wind, hail, flood, lightning or other acts of God, any conditions related to, or caused by, failure to process or inaccurate processing of time-sensitive information and/or mechanisms, intentional acts, accidents, negligence or exposure to harmful chemicals, pollutants or other foreign matter or energy, (vi) repair or damage caused by anyone except personnel authorized by Seller, or (vii) any damage to the finish of the Products after they leave Seller's facility. Items repaired or replaced, and designs corrected under warranty are warranted until: (a) the expiration of the original warranty period; or (b) ninety (90) days from the date Purchaser receives the repaired or replaced item, whichever is later in time. All Product literature is for illustrative purposes only and does not contain a warranty of any kind. Seller's advice relating to the technical usage of the Products or the intellectual property rights of others, whether provided orally or in writing or through the provision of test results, is given in accordance with Seller's best knowledge at that time but shall at all times be deemed to be non-binding. Such advice does not relieve Purchaser from the obligation, and Purchaser accepts full responsibility, to confirm for himself the suitability of the Products for the intended purpose(s). THE WARRANTY SET FORTH IN SECTION 6 IS STRICTLY LIMITED TO ITS TERMS AND IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, GUARANTEES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ARISING BY OPERATION OF LAW, COURSE OF DEALING, USAGE OF TRADE OR OTHERWISE, SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
8. Remedy. Purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy, and Seller's only obligation for breach of warranty hereunder, shall be, at Seller's option in its sole discretion, to (i) repair or replace the defective Product (other than Product sold as systems (or skids)) which fails within the applicable Warranty Period, free of charge, provided that Purchaser promptly notifies Seller of such failure and, after receipt of prior written authorization from Seller, returns such Product to the place requested by Seller, freight prepaid, and thereupon Seller finds such to be defective; or (ii) with respect to Products that were sold as systems (or skids), repair or replacement of defective Product which falls within the applicable Warranty Period, free of charge, provided that Purchaser (A) promptly notifies Seller of such failure; (B) properly prepares the Product for service (including without limitation ensuring that the Products to be inspected/serviced are not pressurized, flushing such Products of all substances, and such other preparation as Seller may reasonably specify); and (C) make such Products available for inspection and/or service by Seller’s designated service provider in a safe work environment (and permit access to such environment) that is appropriate for the work to be performed. Seller reserves the right to charge Purchaser for travel and service time for on-site service technicians in the event Purchaser fails to meet its commitments above. Without limiting the above, Seller may, at its own cost and expense, decide to uninstall and remove the system/skid in question to Seller’s designated facility for inspection and/or repair. In such cases, Seller shall also, at its own expense, return the repaired or replaced system/skid to Purchaser’s site and install such system/skid. Seller’s obligations with respect to breach of warranty are strictly limited to repair, or replacement as stated above. Except as may be otherwise specifically agreed in writing in Seller’s quotation or similar written document issued by Seller, Purchaser must pay all other costs related to repair or replacement of Product under warranty, including removal, installation, or reinstallation costs. Seller's personnel must be granted access to inspect the Products claimed to be defective at the site of their installation or use.
9. Return Goods Authorization. All returns, whether under warranty or otherwise, are subject to Seller’s required return goods authorization (“RGA”) process. No Products will be accepted for return unless Purchaser has fulfilled/met all applicable RGA requirements as set forth below: (i) Purchaser must certify that all Product to be returned to Seller (whether under warranty or otherwise) is certified “Contaminate-Free”. Prior to returning any Product, Purchase must contact Seller to obtain Seller’s “Contaminate-Free Certification” form and complete, sign and return such certification form assuring Seller that Products to be returned are not contaminated with chemical agents. Such Contaminate-Free Certification must accompany returned Product; (ii) Any Product returned, or to be returned, for repair under warranty is subject to Seller’s verification that such return under warranty is (a) within the applicable Warranty Period; and (b) eligible for warranty repair subject to the warranty limitations set forth in Section 7 above; (iii) Any Product returned for credit in accordance with Section 5 above (excluding Product for which credit is issued by Seller as remedy for breach of warranty) must be returned unused, in good condition, and, in Seller’s sole discretion, in restockable and resaleable condition; (iv) In the event any Product that is returned to Seller without meeting all of the applicable requirements set forth in this Section 9, Seller shall contact Purchaser and attempt to resolve any issues in good faith using commercially reasonable measures; provided, however Seller reserves the right, at any time and in Seller’s sole discretion, to send any such non-compliant return Product back to Purchaser, at Purchaser’s sole cost, expense and risk; (v) Purchaser agrees that Seller’s decisions on the RGA matters set forth in this Section 9 are final and binding.

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