In water, she’s in her element – ProMinent sponsors swimmer Sarah Köhler

Sarah Köhler - the freestyle star. The young swimmer from Heidelberg is continually setting new records in what she does best. Her ambition and determination are impressive. She has already won gold and silver at the European Championships. Her next major goal is the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

ProMinent promotes young local talent so the 25-year old Sarah Köhler was an obvious choice. After all, she shares ProMinent’s passion for water. The young sportswoman is acquiring titles and setting records the world over. In December 2017, she made her mark by winning gold and silver at the European Championships in Copenhagen. She was the first female German swimmer ever to break the magic four-minute barrier. In April 2018, she set the German record for the 1500 metre freestyle in Stockholm. Born in Frankfurt, Sarah Köhler moved to Heidelberg in 2012 to go to university and is using the city’s training facilities to prepare for the Olympics. But she remains loyal to her home club SG Frankfurt.

The Olympic dream

Sportsmen and women need goals. For Sarah Köhler, it’s the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo as an Olympic medal is her biggest dream and she’s training ten times a week to get it. Here at ProMinent, we value people who are continually improving and challenging themselves to deliver the very best as this is what drives us too.

Taking care of things with sponsorship

Since sportsmen and women have to cover virtually all their own costs for competitions and travel, sponsorship makes life much easier. We have been sponsoring Sarah Köhler since October 2017 so she can concentrate fully on swimming – and her degree in law at Heidelberg University, that she also finds time to squeeze in.

In water, she’s in her element

Sarah Köhler trains for several hours a day. Anyone who spends so much time in a swimming pool, appreciates good water quality. ProMinent develops innovative solutions for water treatment in swimming pools. There could be no better basis for a sponsorship partnership. We aim to ensure that swimmers, bathers and wellness users can enjoy the best water quality. As a complete provider of treatment technology, ProMinent is more than happy to take on this responsible job and Sarah Köhler appreciates the results.

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