Promoting science

In line with the philosophy the deceased company founder and honorary senator Prof. Dr. h.c. Viktor Dulger, young people are rewarded for their outstanding working and achievements in the natural sciences.

For many years, the Viktor & Sigrid Dulger Foundation has sponsored an ecology award at the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. It recognises young natural scientists, who have made an important contribution to conservation and environmental protection, regardless of their discipline.

Every year the foundation also sponsors an environmental award, enabling the University of Heidelberg to recognise outstanding exam results or theses, dissertations or doctorates in environmental research.

At the ceremony to recognise the best students of the year, the Rhine-Neckar Chamber of Trade and Commerce bestows the Viktor & Sigrid Dulger Foundation prize for the best exam results amongst those studying for their first degree and advanced studies.

Futher Engagements