CIP - Cleaning In Place

There is CIP (Cleaning In Place) and SIP (Sanitizing in Place) equipment in almost every Food & Beverage facility. These methods are used to clean and disinfect production and filling equipment, and therefore are particularly important with regard to the shelf life and safety of food.

The demands for safety, hygiene and updated technology are constantly increasing. ProMinent can meet these requirements through tried and tested quality and, thanks to years of experience they can provide you with options to optimize process and reduce costs.

Online Measurement and Control during the CIP Cycle

The ProMinent product portfolio offers metering systems, sensors and control units for pH, conductivity, chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, Chlorite, Bromine, Fluorine, Dissolved Oxygen, Hydrogen Peroxide and PerAcetic Acid. The measured values can be processed directly or via a bus system to the available CIP control. In addition the control units can take over control of the metering pumps.

Metering Chemicals

The pumps for metering chemicals can be pre-mounted on metering consoles made from stainless steel or chemical-resistant plastics. The consoles have a permanently attached drip tray made from the same material and, depending on requirement, components such as backpressure valves, pulsation dampeners, pressure gauges, valves, flushing device etc. For storage of chemicals, our manufactured plastic tanks are used. Depending on requirement-, single-walled small-volume tanks are available or welded large-volume tanks with containment.

Disinfection and Sterilization of Rinsing Water with Chlorine Dioxide

Whithout doubt, chlorine dioxide counts among the optimum solutions for this application. After ozone, chlorine dioxide is the most effective and quickest way of killing bacteria. Chlorine dioxide can be easily and quickly used for rinsing and is permitted for use in the treatment of drinking water and without any danger of possible interactions in the rinsing water.

For disinfection, a CIO2 concentration of approximately 1.5 % to 2 % is normally generated then diluted. For rinsing, decontaminated water of drinking quality, less than 0.2 ppm of chlorine dioxide is used. This process can be achieved using the ProMinent concept for the production and distribution of chlorine dioxide together with the appropriate ProMinent control units, sensors and metering pumps.