pH Control

Online measurement and control of the pH value is by far one of the most important tasks in process analytics. For this task ProMinent offers everything from pH electrodes up to plug & play neutralization generators. (...more)

Process Overview

Process Overview pH Control

The pH value is one of the most important chemical values. Measurement and control of pH is standard in many industrial applications, in water treatment and in quality control of liquids. (..more)

Product Overview pH Control

Standard Metering Systems

Standard metering systems can be used for variety of applications. The pre-mounted systems contain adjusted components that optimize operation. (...more)

Customized Metering Systems

These systems are individually designed, constructed and supplied according to the customers specifications. These systems can also be built according to ATEX (explosion proof). Installation is simple and easy. Start-up services are also available. (...more)

Application Specific Metering Systems

Special applications require metering systems that are especially designed to the respective process. Long & extensive experience in the construction and operation of custom-designed metering systems has contributed to a constant improvement of ProMinent metering systems. (...more)


PH Sensors of our DULCOTESTĀ® series offer a wide range of sensors for pH control. (...more)