Shipping companies and shipyards

On cruisers and ferries there are many different tasks when it comes to water treatment: drinking and wastewater treatment, bathing water and process water treatment.

Large ships are to be self-sufficient in the provision of drinking water. To accomplish this, ships are equipped with reverse osmosis equipment, which prepares vitally important drinking water from unsavory seawater by removing the saline solution. Ships can extract water from the sea outside the 15-mile zone.

Before seawater reaches the reverse osmosis equipment, it is disinfected with chlorine and then stored in tanks.  Immediately before salt removal, the chlorine in the seawater must be eliminated so that the sensitive membranes of the reverse osmosis equipment are not damaged. Once the seawater has had the salt removed, it is chlorinated again and pumped into large storage tanks.  Water is then stored for later use in these tanks. The requirement for water depends greatly on the time of day.

Both with chlorination and chlorine removal (with sodium hydrogen sulphate) the desired water values are determined using ProMinent’s measurement and control technology. ProMinent’s metering pumps and complete metering systems handle the metering of different chemicals.

Another possibility for the supply of drinking water is water storage in bunkers in harbors. The ship’s water tanks using a hose system, are filled with drinking water from the municipal drinking water mains. So that sterile water can also be guaranteed here, the water has chlorine added in the correct proportion per volume before it reaches the ship. This is also accomplished using ProMinent’s metering pumps and/or metering systems. ProMinent's measurement and control technology ensure these parameters are continuously monitored and recorded.

Besides drinking water treatment there are many other water treatment tasks required on ships:

  • Effluent treatment
  • Bathing water treatment (swimming pools, whirl pools, sauna's, plunge pools etc.)
  • Operational water treatment (coolant for the ship’s propulsion and, where necessary, boiler feed water)

Here too, we are ready to meet your needs with the appropriate metering, measurement and control technology and our extensive know-how.