Good news: environmentally-friendly production of news print paper

Every morning in millions of households, the daily newspaper drops through the letterbox. This requires an incredible amount of paper on a daily basis. The Finnish manufacturer UPM places particular value on using the minimal amount of resources and chemicals in the production of its news print paper.

Above all, paper production needs water

The UPM plant in the Brandenburg town of Schwedt an der Oder produces 280,000 tonnes of news print paper a year. One of the key raw materials: water. In paper manufacture, wood pulp fibres are mixed with water to produce a very liquid paste. After a long period of drainage, a fibrous fleece remains – paper. This process demands a large amount of water, which is cleaned and immediately re-used in production many times. During the cleaning process, flocculants attach themselves to the unwanted suspended particles in the water and create large flakes which are easy to filter out. Before the water finally leaves the factory, it is biologically cleaned with the help of bacteria. De-foamers prevent the development of a foam layer when the air required for this process is blown in. UPM Schwedt therefore needed solutions to be able to precisely meter even the smallest amount of chemicals in both of these cleaning phases.

Key figures

  • Paper factory with an annual production of 280,000 tonnes of news print paper
  • Internal water treatment for multiple uses: use of flocculants
  • Biological cleaning of waste water: use of de-foamers
  • Precise, efficient metering reduces costs and minimises the environmental footprint
  • Two solenoid driven metering pumps delta® for flocculants and de-foamers

One delta® for everything

Right from the beginning of paper production in Schwedt, UPM made use of technology from ProMinent. The metering of the flocculant and the de-foamer is managed by two solenoid driven metering pumps delta®. It is true that these chemicals have different chemical and physical properties, but the delta® is flexible and can be configured accordingly, and therefore, in both cases, is able to meter reliably and very precisely. UPM thus ensures that only the appropriate amount of each chemical is used – which is both good for the environment and saves production costs. For UPM, the high level of reliability is a bonus as the impeccable quality of the treated and re-used water contributes to good paper quality.

Economical production, best quality

  • Good paper quality thanks to trouble-free production processes
  • Water-saving production processes
  • Precise metering reduces the use of chemicals and minimises the environmental footprint
  • Almost completely wear-free solenoid drive contributes to the long service life of the pump
  • Excellent advice and service from ProMinent

» It is important for our processes that everything remains constant and that the technology we use is state-of-the-art. We are delighted with the service and advice we receive from the team at ProMinent. « -  Peter Bremer, Senior Specialist Mechanical Maintenance at UPM Schwedt

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