Metering Systems for Solids

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ProMinent supplies everything you need for metering and treating solids in your production process. We even have cost-effective solutions for problematic applications, for example substances with noticeable weight fluctuations or problems with bridging.

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Wherever powder and granulate materials are metered, the systems used must be correctly adapted to the requirements of the application. The ProMinent product range for the reliable and problem-free emptying and metering of bulk goods is at home in all typical applications: waste water treatment, the paper industry, flue gas cleaning, the chemical industry and the glass and ceramics industry.


Tomal® Big Bag emptying unit

Emptying of Big Bags up to 2,200 lb (1,000 kg)

This emptying unit is used to accommodate and empty Big Bags weighing up to 2,200 lb (1,000 kg). The Big Bags are suspended in the frame with the aid of a lifting cross bar. The 8-gal powder storage tank is used to transfer the powder into a feed unit. more

Features and Benefits

  • Complete systems for bag emptying and metering
  • For free-flowing or poorly flowing bulk goods
  • Flexible modular system for tailored solutions
  • Turnkey, tested systems
  • High quality standard, certified to SS-EN ISO 9001
  • Modular design

Tomal® multi-screw feeder

Capacity range 0.4 – 215 m3/h

Its unique construction makes the multi-screw feeder ideally suited for metering powders and granulates. more

Features and Benefits

  • Safe silo emptying
  • Excellent dosing precision better than ± 1% with constant bulk weight/density
  • Linear discharge curve

Tomal® metering system for powdered active carbon (PAC)

5-50 kg/h of dry PAC with a re-dilution of 3-5 m3/h and a final concentration of max. 1%

Conventional waste water treatment cannot adequately remove trace elements, such as medication or cosmetic residue, from the waste water. This is particularly effective using the complete system for the precise metering of powdered active carbon (PAC). more

Features and Benefits

  • Economical thanks to volumetric metering – no over-metering
  • Maximum reproducibility
  • Dust-free metering
  • Better than 1% precision

ProMdry Dry Chemical Feed System

Capacity of 0.95-2.87 cubic ft/hr

Compact Dry Chemical Feed Package more

Features and Benefits

  • Rugged PE volumetric feeder with internal arch breaker
  • Can be configured as a batching system or as an inline feed system
  • Corrosion resistant 35-gallon, fiberglass tank
  • Fully automated control
  • Integral level switches, water on/off solenoid, mixer, and variable speed volumetric feeder
  • Remote start input, alarm status output relay

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