Measuring and test systems

Metering the smart way

Measuring and control instruments from ProMinent are developed for the relevant application. They are available in different performance classes and can be integrated in every process environment. Measuring and test systems enhance the reliability of a process, the efficiency of process control and product quality. The measurement data is transferred in real time for the highest possible level of process transparency. ProMinent measuring and test systems also allow you to save money in terms of feed chemicals and the disposal of surplus chemicals - it’s all about saving waste water costs.

Now all you need to do is choose the measuring and test system that best suits your application.


DULCOFLOW flow meter

Will accommodate a measurement range of 0.02-13 gph

The DULCOFLOW flow meter measures all liquid media. The amount of liquid which has passed through in pulsing flow regimes are measured. more

Features and Benefits

  • Compact universal housing
  • Two-line display
  • Frequency output for metering pump control
  • Analog output 0/4-20 mA, can be configured as a recording or a control output
  • Direct display of the current flow and cumulative flow in gallons
  • Can be switched over to display the pulsing frequency of the liquid or pump
  • Safety and reliability through display of the device operating status and measurement status using LEDs
  • Use with Beta b, gamma/ X, or gamma/ XL pump models


Photometers measure nearly all disinfectants and the pH value based on the photometric principle. They are portable, compact and make safe, simple measurement possible. more

Features and Benefits

  • Portable and compact
  • Simple to operate with text support
  • safe, simple measurement of chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite, H2O2, bromine, ozone, pH and trichloro-isocyanuric acid
  • Can be calibrated
  • Memory function for the last measurements
  • Backlit display
  • Real-time clock
  • Countdown
  • Watertight, degree of protection IP 68

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