Bypass Armatures

We offer a range of bypass armatures for specific integration into processes. They are used to hold potentiometric and amperometric sensors as well as conductivity sensors and ensure optimum operating conditions for your measurement.



BAMa - Sensor bypass armature (modular)

For Efficiency in Water Treatment Monitoring.

The BAMa is a bypass armature used to secure all ProMinent potentiometric, amperometric and conductivity sensors for water treatment. It is typically installed within a bypass waterline to monitor variables in water treatement applications. Its modular design allows it to be maintained, cleaned and adjusted without the use of tools. more

Features and Benefits

  • Cost savings in reduced water consumption and waste
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing processes
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • More likely compatible with proprietary processes & systems
  • Functions when water contains particles
  • Greater flexibility, function and adaptation to more applications

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