It's much nicer to bathe in your own pool

These days the dream of your own swimming pool is cheaper and easier to achieve than you may think. In a private pool in the picturesque district town of Lörrach, the metering system DULCODOS® Pool Comfort ensures enjoyment in crystal-clear water.

Summer, sun, swimming pool

Lörrach is home to around 49 000 people and is a popular cultural and economic centre in southwest Germany lying close to France and Switzerland. The best way to enjoy the region's very mild climate of at least 1700 hours of sun a year is in your own pool. And that was exactly what one local businessman had in mind when he planned not just a new house but also a pool on his hillside plot. He already had experience of operating a small pool. He now wanted to enjoy his free time in a high-quality pool with a solid design and modern technology – assuming the price was right.

Key figures:

  • Private pool of 3.8 x 14.5 m on a hillside plot
  • An easy-to-use metering system for totally automatic water treatment
  • Economical operation thanks to good value for money

Joining forces with local experts

The businessman again contacted Süd-West-Pool GdbR from nearby Weil am Rhein as the competent partner to realise his project. The family-run business has decades of experience in the construction, renovation and maintenance of private indoor and outdoor pools.

In the spring of 2015, the new pool (3.8 x 14.5 m in size) was installed. Covered with tiles, the concrete shell is designed as an attractive overflow pool. The hillside location didn't represent a problem. Süd-West-Pool GdbR recommended a ready mounted metering system DULCODOS® Pool Comfort from ProMinent for water treatment. This comprises the two-channel controller DULCOMETER® diaLog DACa , two peristaltic pumps DULCO®flex DF2a and the sensors and tanks needed for the operating chemicals. The effectiveness of the pool filter is also boosted by an integrated feeder assembly for flocculant.

Convenience and efficiency delivered

Installation of the DULCODOS® Pool Comfort was very simple and took just one day. The complete system fully automatically monitors constant compliance with the statutory hygiene parameters, such as pH and chlorine. It meters with precision and thereby ensures outstanding water quality with minimal use of chemicals. What's more, all water parameters are recorded on a SD memory card to document the perfect operation. The satisfied customer from Lörrach has turned the dream of a pool in his garden into reality. Looking out over glorious Lörrach, he can now relax in crystal-clear water and put all his trust in his fully automatic water treatment system.

  • DULCODOS® Pool Comfort for economical water treatment in private pools
  • Safe and reliable operation with minimal use of chemicals
  • Optimum water quality thanks to fully automatic monitoring and control

» Our customer wanted a high-class pool, which he could run economically and easily. The reliable metering system DULCODOS® Pool Comfort delivers just that. We've been working successfully with ProMinent for a number of years: the field staff provide fantastic support, constructive help should problems arise and a rapid service. « -  Mike Schultheiß, managing director and son of the founder of Süd-West-Pool GdbR

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