Number one for water disinfection: OZONFILT® OZVa

Table water is hugely popular in Mexico. So there is demand for hygienically pure bottling systems and reliable bottle-washing facilities. One of the leading producer of bottled water planned to redevelop the CIP process. At the same time the company´s sustainability policy should be respected. This explains why the leading producer Bonafont has an OZONFILT® OZVa for disinfection, helping to save time and money on top of that.

Fewer chemicals, greater sustainability

Bonafont® has been part of the Danone Group since 1996 and is a leading manufacturer of table water in Mexico. The company employs more than 4,500 members of staff at five production sites, including the factory in Cuautitlan in the north of Mexico City, which was refurbished in 2017. Potable water for homes in Mexico is usually bottled and sold in large 20-litre water bottles – Bonafont® has a 47% share of the market. In line with the company’s sustainability strategy, the CIP process was to be modified, the existing systems integrated and a solution found to reduce the amount of chemicals used. Following the positive results gained using ProMinent equipment in the Toluca factory, ProMinent Fluids de Mexico was tasked with implementing this project.

Key data:

  • Bottling table water into PET bottles of between 250 ml and 6 l and into
  • large 20-litre water bottles by a leading Mexican producer
  • Integration of existing CIP modules into a new disinfection process with an
  • ozone generation system OZONFILT® OZVa
  • The new installation forms part of the company’s sustainability strategy

To generate ozone, but to do it quickly!

ProMinent had a short window of just four months to plan and carry out the project. The deadline was met and the new system had been commissioned in April 2017. The CIP circuit in the Cuautitlan factory is designed for a total of five bottling lines. The newly installed OZONFILT® OZVa generates 90 g/h of ultra-pure ozone, which is supplied to the three 10 m 3 water tanks via three separate lines controlled using valves. An extremely efficient mixer system in each tank ensures that the required concentration of 2 ppm is reached in just 15 to 30 seconds. Systems with conventional mixing methods need around 10 minutes to do this. The water treated with ozone is then used for both bottle cleaning and disinfection in the CIP process, which uses virtually no chemicals.

Job done and a satisfied customer

Bonafont is very satisfied with its excellent working relationship with ProMinent Fluids de Mexico and the solution installed. The flexible use of the ozone generation system with its powerful generator and efficient mixer system are proving a real success in ongoing operation. Using knowledge gained from the system in the Toluca factory, ProMinent Fluids de Mexico also integrated the three existing CIP modules just as the customer had requested. Thanks to the OZONFILT® OZVa, the Mexican company has reached its goal of making the production process more sustainable and using as few chemicals as possible. What’s more, the new system and optimised CIP circuit are having positive financial and operational impacts on the entire production process.

  • Quick and timely realisation
  • Smooth project processing, including integration of existing equipment
  • Rapid and precise ozone generation thanks to efficient mixer system
  • Reduction in chemicals consumption and therefore reduction in operational costs
  • Improvements in operational efficiency gained by optimising the CIP process and therefore the entire production process

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