Pre-engineered Systems Single pump

Pre-engineered solutions!

ProMinent® is your sole source provider for complete chemical metering systems. The heart of every system is the metering pump. ProMinent® metering pumps are the best engineered and most reliable in today's market. In addition, every system is engineered and designed from the ground up.
ProMinent® offers a variety of pre-engineered chemical feed and control systems.
Pre-engineered systems are fully assembled and tested; guaranteeing a fully functional and high quality system package upon delivery.
Single pump designs accommodate beta b, gamma/ X, gamma/ XL, and Sigma/ X series pumps. Feed rates up to 264 gph (1000 l/h).

Features & Benefits

  • Plug & Play Design for quick and easy installations
  • Lead times as short as 1-3 weeks
  • Designs for handling off-gassing chemicals
  • Easy access to pump liquid end for on-site repair and retrofitting
  • Optional UL listed and labelled control panels (US)
  • Proven design based on 10+ years of experience

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Standard Skid Packages:

1. Wye Strainer, Calibration Column,
Backpressure Valve, Pressure Relief Valve,
Pressure Gauge (motor skids must have dampener)

2. ALL OF THE ABOVE + Flow Monitor
3. ALL OF THE ABOVE + Pulsation Dampener
4. ALL OF THE ABOVE + Flow Monitor & Pulsation Dampeners


  • SS2: 1/2“ MNPT
  • MS2: 1/2“ MNPT

3/4“ MNPT
1-1/2“ MNPT


  • PVC/Viton® (socket weld)
  • PVC/EPDM (socket weld)
  • CPVC/Viton®/Vented (socket weld)
  • PVDF/PTFE (fusion weld)

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Cut Sheet: Pre-engineered Systems Single | Part #: 7750400 | Updated: 8/17/21

Systems Instructional Videos

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