Castle holiday in Mozart's home city

Do you prefer Duke Ellington, Helene Fischer or Mozart? In the picturesque Salzburg Hotel Schloss Mönchstein the electrolysis system CHLORINSITU® III guarantees safe and efficient disinfection of the pool water.

Swimming with a view

Even if you'd rather listen to jazz or Schlager music, Salzburg is nevertheless worth a visit. The luxurious Hotel Schloss Mönchstein, with its stunning panorama over Mozart's home city, boasts one of the best addresses. At the start of the new millennium the hotel changed hands and the historic building, set within extensive grounds, underwent a two-phase conversion into an exceptional city hotel, with 24 beautifully appointed rooms and suites, a multi-purpose function room and an exclusive spa.

An attractive swimming pool is an essential part of any top-class hotel. So in the second phase of construction, an outdoor infinity pool with spectacular panoramic views of Salzburg was built, as well as a whirlpool in the hotel's grounds, open all year round. When it came to the system technology, the hotel management wanted a space-saving system that also offered reliable water treatment as well as economical, environmentally-friendly operation.

Key figures

  • Exclusive city hotel with 24 suites, function room and spa
  • Complete water treatment and disinfection systems for two outdoor pools
  • Environmentally-friendly and economical operation with reliable system technology

Modern, environmentally-friendly, economic

The pool facility took four weeks to install and went into operation in time for the reopening in May 2014. For the reliable treatment and disinfection of the pool water the main focus is on the following components from ProMinent: a compact electrolysis system of the CHLORINSITU® III type; a total of five solenoid driven metering pumps of the type Beta® and delta®; and a DULCO®flex DF4a peristaltic pump for the metering of flocculants. The entire system technology and the control circuits are controlled with the high-performance measuring and control system DULCOMARIN® II. It manages the continuous measurement and precise regulation of the most important hygiene parameters – those of pH, ORP, chlorine and conductivity.

The electrolysis system CHLORINSITU® III works in an environmentally-friendly way by harmlessly converting sodium chloride and water into a low-chloride and very low-chlorate sodium-calcium hypochlorite in a vacuum. This is then collected in a storage tank and, from there, metered according to requirements using separate metering pumps. Because the process takes place on site, there is no need for the transport, storage and handling of hazardous chemicals – a particularly important factor for a hotel.

Salt of the earth

It's remarkable to think that the cheap, harmless substance that originally gave the city of Salzburg its name – Salz being German for salt – has now resulted in an economical process for pool operation and the reduction of chemical consumption in pH control. Further benefits of the state-of-the-art water treatment system are the convenient and central monitoring by means of a smart phone or tablet, and additional energy savings gained by using the so-called ECO mode outside pool opening hours.

  • Environmentally-friendly and safe disinfection with the electrolysis system CHLORINSITU® III
  • Economical pool operation through the additional reduction of chemical consumption and the ECO mode
  • Outstanding water quality generates positive feedback from the hotel guests

» We are pleased that the investment in the new pool system creates a very positive feedback from our guests. Not only the unique view is a great plus, but also the excellent water quality. According to the statements of the pool users, the water feels extremely pleasant on the skin. « -  Samantha Teufel, Hotel Manager

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