Pool fun north of the Arctic Circle

Refurbishing the water treatment system of a public swimming pool? Not an unusual job. The location of the customer? A small Norwegian island in the Norwegian Sea. The result: clean pool water for modern island dwellers with true Viking blood.

New technology for modern-day Vikings

The ancient Viking settlement of Bjarkøy, home to nearly 500 people, is situated in the north of Norway, some 300 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle and to the east of Vesterålen. The district encompasses several small islands in the Norwegian Sea. The indoor pool in Bjarkøy is less ancient but still dates from the 1970s, which is why a few years ago ProMinent's Norwegian branch was tasked with surveying its condition. The result was a public call for bids to renovate the facility – and once again the contract was awarded to ProMinent Norge AS. After overcoming a number of obstacles and finally acquiring the necessary financial resources, the community of Bjarkøy gave the green light for the renovation to go ahead.

A mission in the Norwegian Sea

The installation of the new system had to be coordinated with other jobs like construction, electrical installation and concrete construction. The project got underway in autumn 2012 with the new pool being opened in spring 2013. ProMinent components were added to the existing pool system to bring it into line with modern water treatment standards. These components included the high-performance control system DULCOMARIN®II, a UV system to eliminate germs and an electrolysis system CHLORINSITU®III compact for economical disinfection. The system is rounded off by the necessary filters, metering pumps and sensors to collect the data needed to monitor the water quality.

All components are connected to the DULCOMARIN®II, which in turn is integrated in the existing operating control system.

Fun in the pool in place of the Aurora Borealis

The inhabitants of Bjarkøy are delighted that since May 2013 they have finally been able to use the fully renovated pool again. Now instead of watching the Northern Lights in the icy cold, they can enjoy clean, warm pool water. For the local authorities the renovation was also a financial success. Not only was the project completed within the limited budget, but thanks to the new ProMinent water treatment system, chlorine consumption has been significantly reduced, the automatic measuring and control system ensures efficient measurement and recording of pool parameters, and the circulating pump requires less energy to operate. The technically minded, expert shipbuilder Vikings would have approved.

  • Economic refurbishment of the existing systems with proven components
  • Reduced chemical and energy consumption
  • Advice, installation and service from ProMinent anywhere in the world

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