Deaeration Valve Assembly

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Deaeration Valve Assembly


Some chemicals "off-gas" (ie. decompose) when the pump is sitting idle; the gas accumulates and may cause the pump to lose prime. ProMinent's de-areation valve assembly can help evacuate gases accumulated in the liquid end of the pump automatically even against system backpressure.

The de-areation valve assembly operates by allowing any accumulated gases to exit, through the bleed valve. A small amount of liquid along with the expelled gases are channeled through the bleed valve and bypassed back to the supply tank. When gas is present in the de-areation valve the resistance to flow through the bleed valve is relatively low. When the deareation valve becomes full of liquid the resistance to flow through the deareation valve increases dramatically, forcing the majority of the liquid to pass through the main discharge line.


A. General

Install the pump in accordance with the instructions contained in the pump operating manual. The deareation valve assembly must be installed directly on the outlet side of the discharge check valve.

B. Routing of Bypass Line

The bypass line should be routed back to the top of the chemical storage tank. Install the pump so the bypass line is not submerged in the chemical. It is not recommended to pipe into the calibration columns because they will overflow after a short period.

Warning: install the bypass line so any bypassed air/gas is not rerouted into the suction line.

C. Calibration

In calibrating the pump, use a graduated cylinder as the fluid source. You must collect any fluid returned through the bypass during the calibration and subtract it from the quantity drawn into the suction line.


  • Ensure the pump connections are correct and tight
  • Maintain a clean liquid end with no buildup of chemical crystalline material. Especially check the bleed valve and discharge ball checks.

Replacing the bleeder valve O-ring:

  • Unscrew the bleeder valve and carefully remove the O-ring with a small screwdriver
  • Fit a new O-ring into the valve port and screw in the bleeder valve and tighten to 2.2-2.6 ft. Ib. torque

Valve MNPT/PVT (A)

Order no.

Valve MNPT/PVT, DN 10


Valve MNPT/PVT, DN 15


Valve MNPT/PVT, DN 20


Valve MNPT/PVT, DN 25


Valve MNPT/PVT, DN 32


Deaeration Valve/CPVC (B)

Order no.

Deaeration Valve/CPVC, DN 10


Deaeration Valve/CPVC, DN 15


Deaeration Valve/CPVC, DN 20


Deaeration Valve/CPVC, DN 25


Deaeration Valve/CPVC, DN 32


Air Relief Valve (C)

Order no.

Air Relief Valve


Deaeration Valve Complete (D)

Order no.

Deaeration Valve Complete, DN 10


Deaeration Valve Complete, DN 15


Deaeration Valve Complete, DN 20


Deaeration Valve Complete, DN 25


Deaeration Valve Complete, DN 32


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