Battery production: ProMinent bears up where others fold

May 2022

Lithium-ion batteries provide the energy for today's modern everyday life with smartphones, notebooks or electric cars. Research and industrial companies are constantly working on improving the energy density of the batteries and their production. This is also the case for a Korean company that produces anode material for rechargeable batteries.

This manufacturer was planning a new production plant and needed powerful components for it.

Anode production in an aggressive environment

The reaction environment for the production of anode material is aggressive and strongly alkaline. The special challenge: The chemical reaction takes place over several days at temperatures above 50°C and a high basic pH value. In addition, decomposing metal solutions, ammonia water and caustic soda are involved in the production process. The pH value must be measured continuously and stabilised by the controlled addition of caustic soda. The chemical reaction takes place in a self-contained reactor. Leakage and membrane rupture sensors ensure safety and cleanliness in the plant.

The environment and components thus place high demands on the sensors and metering pumps used in the process. With its robust technology, ProMinent makes it possible to keep all parameters within the target range.

From small pilot project to large reactor

The company was looking for a technology that, despite the demanding environment, would continuously deliver reliable measured values for pH control and meter all chemicals reproducibly and with pinpoint accuracy. ProMinent was the only supplier that could meet all the manufacturer's requirements, especially with the required large measuring range and the temperature and pressure resistance of the sensors. The anode material manufacturer started with a small-scale pilot project to test the reproducibility and sensor service life in practice.

The gamma/ X solenoid-driven diaphragm metering pump is used, which takes over the functions of the sigma motor-driven diaphragm metering pump used later in the main project in the targeted low performance range. Both pumps can be adjusted so flexibly that they meter precisely even under difficult process conditions. This enables safe and efficient processes. During the pilot phase, a ProMinent contact person was available at all times to find the optimal solution together with the customer in case of questions.

The initial pilot project was a complete success and the main project has been successfully implemented and realised in the meantime. The sensors that withstand several reaction cycles in the aggressive environment proved to be remarkable.

The Korean company was also impressed by

  • Reliable production processes due to robust equipment with very fast response time and continuous metering
  • Convenient pH control via sensors due to the fact that no programmable logic controller (PLC) is required.
  • Perfect interaction and convenient maintenance management through competent support and all devices from a single source
  • Competent service and assistance from ProMinent

Key data

  • Korean manufacturer of anode material (precursor) for battery cells
  • Aggressive reaction environment: metal solutions, ammonia water (NH4OH) and caustic soda (NaOH), long reaction time, temperature above 50 °C, high alkaline pH values.
  • Pilot project: gamma/ X solenoid-driven diaphragm metering pump with Teflon metering head and PVDF metering diaphragm as well as DULCOFLEX DF4a peristaltic pump and additional components (see main project)
  • Main project: sigma/ 3 motor-driven diaphragm metering pumps with stainless steel metering head, DULCOMETER DACb and D1Cb measuring and control devices, DULCOTEST pH sensors PHEP H 314 SE for the pH range 3-14, pH sensors PHEX 112 SE for suspensions, slurries and emulsions
  • Reliable production processes due to robust equipment with accurate metering and measuring performance

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