DCM 5 Series Controller

An Ultimate Water Chemistry Solution for Aquatics Applications

The ProMinent® DCM 5 Series controller is the perfect partner for monitoring and controlling water chemistry parameters and processes. The DCM 5 Series precision, flexibility and uncompromising quality represent a world-class solution to ensure a safe and healthy water experience for patrons.


  • Proprietary sensor technology
  • Oxidant specific sensor
  • Combined chlorine control (1)
  • Simultaneous Chlorine/ORP control
  • Built-in WiFi router NEW!
  • VFD control (2) NEW!
  • Loading compensation via true proportional control
  • Hydraulically advanced flowcell assembly
  • Automatic discrete control and flow adjustments of chemical dosing pump (3)
  • Capable of interface and control of UV systems viaProMinent’s proprietary chlorine probes and real timecombined chlorine readings
  • Ability for tiered alarm notification via text/email, graphingdata, and daily summary emails all standard NEW!
  • Intuitive and easy to use remote interface with devicerecognition for easy operation on tablets, smart phones,and computers NEW!
  • BMS communication abilities with Modbus RTU & TCP as well as BACnet IP & MSTP (2)

1 Requires optional total chlorine probe
2 Optional (requires additional internal adapter card)
3 When used with ProMinent dosing pumps


  • Swimming pools
  • Therapy pools
  • Hot tubs
  • Water parks
  • Splash pads
  • Amusement Park Attractions
  • Zoos and Aquariums

Ordering Information

DCM 510 - Controller package for pH, ORP and Temp (P/N: 1080771)
DCM 511 - Controller package for pH, ORP and PPM on non-stabilized (CYA) water (P/N: 1080772)
DCM 512 - Controller package for pH, ORP, PPM and Combined PPM on non-stabilized (CYA) water (P/N: 1080773)
DCM 513 - Controller package for pH, ORP and PPM with CYA stabilized water (P/N: 1080774)

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Specifications Details
Operator Interface
Remote Fully interactive Ethernet TCP/IP graphical interface with security access codes
Local 4 line - 20 character OLED display, 12 buttons, multicolor status LED: Steady BLUE = "OK", Flashing RED = "ALARM", Steady RED = (Stopped), Multicoloroutput LEDs indicate relay output status as feeding/ off/ alarmed/ or stopped. Ethernet and WiFi status LEDs
Included Sensors pH, ORP, Temperature
Optional Sensors Free chlorine, total chlorine, calculated combined chlorine, salt generated free chlorine, stabilized chlorine, conductivity, bromine, feed verification, corrosion,flow rate, water level, UV Intensity, calculated LSI/Ryznar water totalizer
Field Upgrades Sensor input modules are available for field upgrades
Digital Inputs 8, (7 fully configurable) Examples: Sample Flow Switch, Return Line Flow Switch, Digital pulse flow meter(s), auto-fill float switch, external interlocks
Analog Inputs Up to 10 standard (configurable options) + 4 virtual (LSI, CombinedChlorine, GPM, etc.) Example: 1 Cond, Sample Temp, pH, ORP, Free Cl, Total Cl, Comb. Cl, UV intensity[4-20mA], room temperature, 2 additional gpm [4-20mA] inputs
Control Relays 9 total: 2 AC line voltage, 3 Dry contact (AC or DC), 4 DC 24V (all fully assignable)
1. Acid feed
2. Oxidant feed
3. Chlorine boost / Caustic feed
4. Co2 feed
5. Auto fill / Alarm
6. UV pause
7. Temperature control or Fireman
8. UV Chloramine control
9. DCS/BMS OK or Alarm
(Interlocked with sample and recirc flow when used for chemical feed)

Digital Outputs 4 (fully assignable as dry contact sets or variable frequency pump ) for:
1. UV, salt Cl2 generator or Heater control
2. PID acid pump / VFD control
3. Chlorine PID control / UV pause
4. DCS BMS OK or Alarm/ Eco! mode for recirc pump
Base feed available if sensor disconnected

Analog Output 2 (optional isolated, 4-20 mA)

ORP assisting residual
Event Timers
UV boost / VFD control
Chemical feed stop during Backwash or Bump
Chlorine boost / Ozone control
Flow restored delay (adjustable)
Emergency "Off" for recirculation pump
Chem feed verfication (optional)
Pulsed pump speed
HTML server on board (standard)
10 base T, TCP/IP Ethernet, Optional wireless 3G cellular
HTML, micro web server with DHCP or user definable IP address
Standard built-in WiFi router (smartphone/ iPad/ Tablet)
USB port for Datalog extraction, configuration saving, configuration uploading, & field software updates
Local and remote access protected by access codes
Power 90-253VAC, 50/60Hz, 7.9Amp, single phase
Fusing Outputs fused @ 6.3 Amps total @ 120/250 VAC, Internal circuits fused at 1.6Amps
Surge Suppresion Integral Surge Suppression - Relays 1-5
Accessory Power 15VDC Thermally fused @ 60 mA, NAMUR inputs U-V thermally fused at 20mA
Enclosure Non-metallic, NEMA 4X, 14"x9" x 4.5" (WxHxD)
Panel Dims. 18" x 30" x 6.5" (WxHxD)
Convenience Field Software upgrades via USB flash drive, Configuration cloning via Flash drive
5 years on electronics
2 years on ORP, pH sensors
1 year on all other parts


Live Remote Interface Demo


Addendum: DCM510 Communication Driver Card Manual Rev.D | Part #: 1081672 | Updated: 10/24/18

Aquatics Instructional Videos

Video: DCM5 Interfacing With UV (WEBINAR) | Part #: xxxxxx | Updated: 1/31/14
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Cut Sheet: DCM 5 Series | Part #: 7750501 | Updated: 10/16/18

Case Study

Case Study: Emler Swim School | Part #: 7750201 | Updated: 6/5/13


Trackster | Part #: Version 3.2.5385 | Updated: 10/22/14
Trackster (WINDOWS XP ONLY) | Part #: Version 3.2.5381 WinXP | Updated: 10/22/14

Manuals And Instructions

Manual: DCM510 Browser Rev. D | Part #: 1081672 | Updated: 11/20/19
Manual: DCM510 Installation And Operating Manual Rev.E | Part #: 7500582 | Updated: 4/4/20

Quickstart Guide

Quickstart Guide: DCM510 Quickstart Duide | Part #: xxxxxx | Updated: 10/24/18

Firmware Updates

Version Update Summary Release Date
  • WARNING: It is required to have Remote HMI version 10 or higher
  • Modified Local HMI messaging on calibration, phantom input DPD calibration
September 25, 2019
  • WARNING: It is required to have Remote HMI version 10 or higher
  • Fix: Added Feature: Log-in Security - only one active user permitted per user ID
March 11, 2019

Remote HMI Updates (Web Browser HTML Updates)

Version Update Summary Release Date
  • Bug Fix: Trend Header, setpoint marker on Measure panel bar graph, varying Cycle setpoint locations
November 06, 2019
  • Bug Fix: Improve initial downloading
June 07, 2019
Help Files Instruction manual USB Update Zip File February 18, 2018