Acid Fume Scrubber

A Fume-Free Workplace

The Acid Fume Separator (AFS) is a proprietary device that allows for direct venting of an acid tank located inside a mechanical room. The AFS eliminates the need for costly venting to outside areas or secondary water tanks. The result is a fume-free workplace with added protection of metal and electrical components. The proprietary reagent will change from white to pink when
reagent is no longer effective.


  • Designed for Muriatic / Hydrochloric Acid Tanks
  • Eliminates fume attack on electrical components
  • For use on sealed tanks and carboys
  • AFS can be tank mounted or wall mounted
  • Equipped with proprietary reagents
  • Refill reagent sold separately

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  • 3/4" NPT male connection
  • No vent piping required
  • Reagent turns from white to pink to indicate replacement

Ordering Information

  • Acid Fume scrubber (P/N: 7747090)
  • Wall mounting kit (P/N: 7747091)
  • Refill reagent kit (P/N: 7747102)
  • O-ring replacement kit (P/N: 7747088)
  • Suction lances with tubing connections available tubing size determined by selection of feed pump




Cut Sheet: Acid Fume Scrubber | Part #: 7750508 | Updated: 3/28/13

Manuals And Instructions

Manual: Acid Fume Scrubber | Part #: Version 4 | Updated: 10/17/19